This is the 2020 promo video for the East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT). I was tasked with creating a video that highlighted the 40 programs offered at EVIT while emphasizing that at EVIT students find their path, passion, and purpose. I was given the music and the voice over, I shot the footage and edited the final video you see here.

This project started with the creation of a spoken word poem. I wanted a way to share it, so I created this video to share my poem with friends and family. I drew inspiration from a video I saw of Tim Tebow. I really liked the style of the lighting and the raw setting of the video, it seemed more intimate and it worked well for the content of my video. After shooting the video, I edited it in Adobe Premiere Pro.

This was a video I did to feature a student in the Fire Science Program at the East Valley Institute of Technology. I followed her in class and got some shots of her working, learning, and doing the day to day things in her class. I then interviewed her about her class and and her experience at EVIT. I drew inspiration for this project from a documentary style video of UFC Fighter Stipe Miocic. I wanted to create the same style of video but make it more appealing to high schoolers who would be taking this program. I shot this with a Canon 70D and then edited the video in adobe Premiere Pro.

I was tasked with creating a fun video to show at our teacher appreciation lunch. I interviewed multiple instructors, starting with silly questions, and then getting a bit more serious. It was over all a fun experience and it was a big hit at the lunch. The end is the best part of this video!

This video is a short review of our 2019 completion ceremony highlighting all the best parts.

This is a video I made promoting EVIT’s annual Expo. I used our #EVITFriends campaign that was also the theme of the expo to create this video. As you can see this is a play off of the intro to the TV show Friends. Filmed all the clips with my Canon camera and edited the video in Adobe Premiere Pro.

I have made a series of Promo videos for EVIT promoting each different program. They are shots of the students working and interviews from both the students and instructors.

These video interviews were made for Teacher Appreciation week and were to be shared on social media. After teacher appreciation week was over, there was so much response to these videos that I continued to create them for many teachers at EVIT. Here are a few of them:

This video was actually a school project for learning Adobe Premiere. This couple had agreed to model for me. After gathering the clips I needed, I edited it in Premiere. I do not own the rights to this song.

This video was made to be shown at the beginning of the ‘Welcome back Teachers’ event before the first day of school. The goal was to inspire and motivate teachers to go beyond their expectations and be their student’s champions.

This video was created to show at the end of the ‘Welcome Back Teachers’ event to get them excited about the new year and to inspire them to be a champion to their students.

This video was made to document the Cosmetology students going to tour the ROLFs Salon of the Future.