Bistro 13

These photos were taken for the restaurant Bistro 13, a student-run restaurant at the East Valley Institute of Technology. The goal for this project was to capture photos of their menu items as well as weekly specials to be posted on social media, added to their menu design, and use in their marketing.

I styled these dishes using napkins with their branding colors. I also separated out some of the raw ingredients so viewers could clearly see what goes into the delicious dish.

I shot these menu items in the studio with Profoto Acute strobes. I had one main light over head, a smaller light coming from the back, and a third light on the left side. These photos were shot using a Canon 5D Mark IV camera. The RAW images were then taken into Adobe Lightroom and slight adjustments to color and lighting were made.

Gear List: Canon 5d Mark IV, Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II, Profoto Acute strobes.

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